SBC, a business built for your success

SBC is a business founded and run by Sébastien Bouthillette, a specialist in the reengineering of business processes with experience earned from over 13 years in the aeronautics industry. He has acquired an impressive wealth of experience in business diagnostics and analysis, and in the design and implementation of business processes particularly optimised for complex, competitive and constantly evolving areas.

The skill-set he has developed encompasses various methods and technologies such as:

  • Kanban
  • SIPOC / Six sigma

Motivated by the improvement of efficiency and possessing strong leadership and communication skills, Sébastien Bouthillette knows how to bring people together in order to work towards a common goal.

Sébastien Bouthillette


We pride ourselves on providing the highest possible level of expertise, in a way that is suited specifically for your organisation. That is why SBC uses a network of selected partners who have proven their worth in their specialised area of operations.

Our Mission

Through a proven systematic approach, analyse, optimise and provide tools to enable businesses to healthily and efficiently reach their full potential.


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