Project Status Report
In my quest to be as efficient as possible, I think I finally found a project status report format that I can reuse for all of my status meetings and communication with stakeholders.

Project Status Report

Whenever we manage a project, at some point we need to communicate its status. Usually, we need to do this more than once and to various audience. During a weekly team meeting is an example and probably during a monthly steering committee meeting. 

Usually, the weekly meeting is more casual and the steering committee meeting a more formal. The crowd is different so most of the time, I see project managers (myself included) using different tools and documents in each of these meeting. The participants in each meeting are different and it may be necessary to adjust some things but nothing frustrates me more than spending time copy and pasting content from one presentation to another.

Lately, I worked with a creative agency (Le Site) that used Confluence, a product from Atlassian, for their weekly project status report and I was really impressed by how they were using it. My client also used Confluence and JIRA (from Atlassian) so I decided to change my “traditional” way of doing and use Confluence.


Hopefully, I'll never have to go back!

At first, it was a bit weird. When you are used to doing all of this in Powerpoint or Google Slide, it feels as if something is missing and I wasn’t sure how my client and the executive team would like that.

It turns out, it’s super easy to use and very powerful. The team members loved it and our steering committee members liked it as well.

So now, everything is in Confluence and no more copy-paste into different media depending on the meeting type or the audience.

I’m not saying it solves all problems and that it works in all environments or for all projects but for me, I hope I never have to go back to the way I use to do it!


I decided to make a video to show everyone. I though it would be a quick one but it turns out, I had a lot more things to share than I had expected. It’s my first video of that nature. I’ll try and make them shorter in the future!

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