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Companies invest significant time and money to develop their strategy. The best ones involve their employees in the process so they enrol them at the same time. Some companies organize offsite retreat and day long meetings.  Then everyone comes back to work all pumped up and motivated by the new outlook they have of their future.  However, the reality and day to day begin to take over. They are left alone trying to figure out how to make a difference and make the strategy a reality. Real value and benefits come from the ability to transform their ideas into reality. In other words, to deliver your strategy, you need projects and project management

Don't take our word for it. Take a look at the numbers.*

1 %
cannot deliver on their strategy

Organization fail to operationalize their strategy and don’t understand that value is delivered through projects.

1 %
don't understand the value of project Management

The failure to recognize project management as a strategic competency is the cause of  50% of projects failures. 

1 %
of the investments are wasted

Over the past 5 years, 10% to 12% of the investments made in projects were wasted due to poor performance. 

“A strong project manager helps a company to define the vision for a project or initiative. If they can bring robust project management skills it can make the difference between a successful project that helps companies to grow and a failed project that consumes resources with no measurable return.” 

TED DOSCH, CFO Anixter International

How will we help you beat the odds

Our approach

Like many other things in life, project management has been commoditized. More and more people claim to be project managers. Technically they are but they lack the “scars” that come with putting themselves on the line to make things happen. Some call it “field experience”, we think it’s more about doing things because they are the right things to do and having the courage to have the difficult and uncomfortable conversations when it’s time.

The very conversations that no one wants to have, for the good of the project and the good of the business. Not only will we have these conversations but we will make sure they happen timely. We will respectfully challenge every situation and make sure every problem is getting resolved. When we say we deliver results, we mean it.
Way forward


With Group SBC, you get more than just project management. Solid project management is a major component of your project’s success.  However, our experience in delivering projects could make the difference between a painful project and a much smooth, seamless  and successful experience. It could also make the difference between  delivering value that fulfill your strategic objectives and simply delivering on time, on schedule and within budget.

When you work with us, we not only understand the project needs but also your people’s needs. This allows us to provide you with the best  combination of person, experience and expertise possible. We won’t just provide a project manager but rather a fully experienced team specialized in delivering projects.

We Pride Ourselves In Providing You Value Added Project Management

Strategic Advisors

Strategic Advisors



Big Thinker

Big Thinker



Great Communicator

Great Communicators


In order to maximise your chances of success, a “lean and mean” governance is a must. Governance plays a vital role in the selection and prioritization of projects. It also plays an important role in the monitoring and supporting of the ongoing projects. Without a healthy governance in place, chaos ensues. Governance is also your first step in building your project management capability and ensuring that you have a mean to operationalize your strategy.

Why is it so important?

1 %
of companies fail to align projects & business strategy

An effective governance will provide you with the necessary visibility for decision making.

1 %
of strategic initiatives don't meet their goals

The lack of executive support and focus on strategically relevant initiatives are the core of the problem.

1 %
focus on the wrong metrics

Time, scope and budget are important metrics. Today, leading organizations consider value and benefits first.

We'll help you implement the governance you need

Strategy Meeting

Governance framework

We'll help you chose the appropriate governance framework to deliver the results you need while respecting the organizational values.

Accountability & Responsibilities

We'll help define the the accountability as well as the roles and responsibilities necessary for an effective and efficient governance.

Stakeholder engagement

We'll help you identify all the stakeholders. This is necessary in order to understand their needs, interests, expectations and how to communicate with them.

communication, meetings and reporting

We'll help you define how the information is communicated, to who and under which format. As well, we'll help you define the appropriate meeting and reporting structures.

Project management control process

We'll help you define the appropriate project key performance indicators and coach you on how to perform monitoring and keep your delivery teams engaged.

Our Statistics

>$ 500 K

We help organizations realize substantial savings. In fact, usually the savings realized exceed our mandat fees.

1 +
Projects delivered successfully
Organization fail to operationalize their strategy and don’t understand that value is delivered through projects.
1 %

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